Promolante Review
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Since there’s Money or lending loan apps in Ghana, I believe there should also be airtime loan app in Nigeria with the inclusion of data loan app in Ghana which will also help people in urgent needs.

As people run out of money in Ghana, so they run out of airtime and data of course, which is why i had to make a reasearch and i was able to find app that allow people to borrow airtime and data loan in Nigeria and pay back when you have the money.

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Promolante Review

Of course, there would be interest rate on any airtime and data you borrowed from the app same thing as you pay interest if you borrow money from loan apps, just that the interest rate would be far very different from each other.

Promolante is the only app that allows you to borrow airtime and repay the same borrowed amount at a later date with no interest charges. You borrow Ghs5 airtime, you pay Ghs5.


The more you repay your borrowed airtime, the higher the airtime amount you can borrow.

When you want to repay, just tap a button and you will get a prompt to use your mobile money account to repay.

You can use the Promolante app to buy airtime for yourself and/or for others on the same network or other networks. Want to buy airtime for AirtelTigo number using MTN momo, use Promolante. Want to buy airtime for MTN number using Vodafone Cash, use Promolante. Want to buy airtime for Vodafone number using AirtelTigo Money, use Promolante.

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You can download Promolante from Google Playstore here

Promolante is also Ghana’s only telco assistant helping you save money on calls and data through the discovery of mobile network promotions and services.

Promolante saves you the trouble of knowing which promotions or services your telco is offering, which internet bundles are available on your network or other networks and which shortcode (USSD code) to use for activation or deactivation of a service.

Once you find these shortcodes (USSD codes), internet bundles or offers, you can easily activate them right in the app.

How do i borrow airtime from my cell phone?

There are apps that allow you to borrow airtime online and also networks provider such as MTN,GLO,9mobile, and Airtel allow users to borrow airtime and data then pay back when next time they recharge their sim card, which some people even find it difficult to pay bacck what they borrowed.

Which app can i borrow airtime?

Promolante allow people from different countries such as Nigeria, Ghana and some other Africa country to borrow airtime and data and pay back later.

How can i borrow airtime without paying back?

Why would you want to borrow airtime without paying back? can you borrow someone money without collecting it back? anything you borrow should be pay back to where or who you borrow from.

Which app gives 50000 loans?

There are many loan apps in Nigeria that can offer you 50,000 loan within the short period of time, the apps like Palm credit, Fair Money, Kuda bank, Carbon, and Opay loan app.

These are the most reliable loan apps in Nigeria that can offer you 50000 loan in Nigeria with very low interest rate.

People that check this app also check Fair Credit Loan App.

Ho do i borrow airtime from MTN 2023?

You can get airtime from MTN and pay only when you recharge your sim, the loan amount would depends on how long you have been using the sim card and how often you recharge the sim card.

You can dial *136*2# , and select Xtra time and then follow the promte to see if you are eligible to borrow airtime from MTN network in Nigeria.

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