Numida Review
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Numida is deeply unlocking the potential of thousands of Ugandan small businesses. With Simple loan application process, fast and convenient business loan through the app and receive funds over mobile money in under 72 hours, no security required!

Numida is very easy to use! By using the app, you can increase your loan limit and get even larger loans to help you grow your small business. It also help to discover interesting financial insights about your business by entering your records.

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Numida Review

Numida is a new loan app that is fast rising which offer loan to individual Ugandan and users can get a loan for up to 1,500,000UGX as long as they have all the requirement need from the user.

Numida Already have over 2,000 reviews overall from Google playstore and over 100,000 people have downloaded Numida loan app from the Google playstore, this includes those who use Numida to get a loan and those who do not later get a loan from the app.


Numida overall rating was around 4.4 star rating, this is about those people that share their experience about the app as review with what they feel about the app.

Numida App Login | How to Login to Numida App

It’s actually easy to login to your Numida loan app
* After downloading Numida loan app
* Click to open Numida loan app
* Input your Username or Phone number
* Then, follow by the password you use when registering
* Then hit the enter or login button

Steps to apply a loan on Numida:
1. Sign up
2. Fill in basic details
3. Apply for a loan
4. Wait for approval

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To get loan from Numida, you need to be:
1. A Uganda Citizen
2. Between 18-65 years old
3. Regular source of income

Numida Loan App Update

Numida loan app was recently updated this month and they put all their possible best to keep the app update in other to serve the users the best and to avoid any glitch with the app and improve the users experience.

Numida Loan Apk Download

To download Numida Loan Apk, you have to go to Google playstore and search for Numida, then click on the install button to start downloading the Numida loan app to your phone.

Is Numida Loan Legit?

Yes Numida loan app is very legit and you can trust the app to request for your next loan today and get instant loan disbursement.

Numida Customer Care Number

This is Numida loan customer care number which means you can reach out to them easily when you have any question or issue.

Also Note: That everything about Numida wasn’t verified and if anything goes wrong in the future, we won’t be held responsible for anything and we want to believe you understand this very well.

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With Numida, users can get a loan for upto 1,500,000UGX after providing all the relevant information which the platform requested from them.

Numida already had over 100,000 people who have already downloaded the app overall including who and who doesn’t request for a loan from the platform.

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