How to Get Moniepoint ATM Card
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You can now use the Moniepoint card function you’ve been waiting for. You can now get it and use it both online and in real life.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to get a Moniepoint card, how to activate it, and what the ATM card’s cap is.

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Why Should I Pick Moniepoint?

The Moniepoint card has everything you need to pay for everything. What makes it special is:

Easy to Order: You can ask for your Moniepoint card from anywhere, and it will be at your door in 48 hours.

Total Control: You can turn your card on, handle it, or turn it off right from your account. You are in charge at every step.


You can use your Moniepoint card at ATMs, point-of-sale machines, and other places. Moniepoint stations make it easy to pay.

Accepted Everywhere: Many of your favorite places to shop, eat, and pay for services accept Moniepoint payments.

Say goodbye to wait times: when you see a blue Moniepoint terminal, your funds will go through.

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24/7 Support: You may not need help from our support team very often, but they are there for you at all times.

How to Get an ATM Card from Moniepoint

Easy steps can be taken to get your Moniepoint card. Just do these three easy things:

Step 1: Create an account and sign in

Make an account as a first step. Fill in the needed information, and an account for your business will be set up right away. Sign in to your business dashboard when you’re done.

Click on the “Card” page to start the process of getting a card.

Step 2: Ask for a card

Click the “Add a New Card” button in the “Card” window.

Follow the steps on the screen to finish your card request. Remember to put at least N2,000 into your account for the card.

Your Moniepoint card will be sent to you within 48 hours, so you can sit back and relax.

Step 3: Turn on your card.

Once the delivery person gives you your card, it’s time to turn it on.

Click “Activate Now” on the card that was sent to you.

Set your PIN and your card’s limits to what you want.

Happy New Year! Now you can use your Moniepoint card.

Start taking advantage of easy payments

With your Moniepoint card in hand, you can now pay at stores, restaurants, and more without any trouble. Say goodbye to the frustration of deals that don’t go through and hello to payments that are easy and safe.

How to Withdraw Money with Moniepoint ATM Card

Like all other ATM cards from microfinance banks, Moniepoint has its own cap. At ATMs, you can take out up to 50,000 naira per day, and at POS shops, you can take out up to 200,000 naira. You can also do up to 200,000 naira worth of business online every day.

How to get your Moniepoint card to work

Once you have your card, open the moniepoint app and look for the part called “card.” Click “Activate” to start activating your card. The app will show you how to do everything from start to end.

Once the card is activated, you can use it for any purchase you want, both in person and online.

Are you all set to start?

Download the Moniepoint app for Android or iOS and join the millions of people who have already discovered how convenient it is to have a debit card that always works.


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