How Does Earnhive Work
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Are you looking for a way to make your money grow? Earnhive is a new business app that lets you make money from home. You can make money with Earnhive by doing different jobs that pay you. You can also make money by getting other people to join the site through their affiliate program.

These are the things you get when you join Earnhive. The cost to register is $4,500. Welcome Bonus: #2,000 right away when you sign up. Every Day: #300 for coming in every day. For your first post as a sponsor, you get #200. 2nd Sponsor Post: #200 for a second post from a sponsor.

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How to Become a Vendor or Influencer on EarnHive

One of the owners said that if you want to sell EarnHive coupon codes, you have to make at least 400,000 Naira in the first week. There are already sellers, but if someone wants to sell coupons, they can join.

EarnHive Earning Structure in different country (Make Money on EarnHive)

Referral Bonus 3500NGN
Welcome Bonus 2000NGN
Daily Login 300NGN
Indirect Referral 300NGN
Hive Post 1 200NGN
Hive Post 2 200NGN
2nd Indirect 100NGN
Referral Bonus 4800CFA
Welcome Bonus 2800CFA
Daily Login 500CFA
Indirect Referral 500CFA
Hive Post 1 200CFA
Hive Post 2 200CFA
2nd Indirect 150CFA
Referral Bonus 115KSH
Welcome Bonus 80KSH
Daily Login 15KSH
Indirect Referral 15KSH
Hive Post 1 200KSH
Hive Post 2 200KSH
2nd Indirect 3KSH
Referral Bonus 90GHS
Welcome Bonus 50GHS
Daily Login 7GHS
Indirect Referral 7GHS
Hive Post 1 200GHS
Hive Post 2 200GHS
2nd Indirect 2GHS
Referral Bonus 32000USH
Welcome Bonus 22000USH
Daily Login 1500USH
Indirect Referral 1500USH
Hive Post 1 200USH
Hive Post 2 200USH
2nd Indirect 200USH
Referral Bonus 4800XAF
Welcome Bonus 3000XAF
Daily Login 500XAF
Indirect Referral 500XAF
Hive Post 1 200XAF
Hive Post 2 200XAF
2nd Indirect 150XAF

Now you have the full idea on how to make money with EarnHive in your Country and see that referring someone to join is where the most money comes from.

How to invite someone to sign up for EarnHive

Let’s look at how to invite a friend to join EarnHive.


We said that EarnHive and other income-earning programs or affiliate sites pay members for getting other people to join or for doing simple things like logging in every day, sharing posts, and referring other people down the line (MLM).

So, when you want to tell people about it, you’ll know who to tell.

One easy and free way is to talk about the ad every day on your status.

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To become an influencer, you need to be a member of an affiliate program and have a lot of followers on tiktok, Facebook, or any other social media site.

Referral Bonus: For every friend or family member you bring into the Earnhive system, you get $3,500.

How to Make Money on Instagram You need to sign up as either an affiliate or a Task earner to start getting money on Earnhive. Earnhive has a low membership fee of only 4,500 naira.

Register through this link and you’ll get 2,000 naira. bonus for coming You can make money with Earnhive in 5 different ways.

Recharge Earnhive: By using Hive Recharge You can make a weekly profit by selling data and airtime from your activities amount or Earnhive earnings. You can also subscribe and reload. You can use your Earnhive cash to buy airtime. Get paid

P2P: Use the money you make from activities to sign up a downline. With Hive p2p, you can use your activities balance to sign up the next new user and keep the money for yourself. This means that you can earn between $10,000 and $25,000 per week through the P2P area.

Earnhive Game: Use what you’ve made on Earnhive to make predictions about any game and get paid if you’re right. With the Hive game, you can win N500 for every correct answer and send the money to your bank.

Earnhive Freelancing: Use Earnhive to advertise your goods and business to boost sales and bring in new customers. If you sign up for Earnhive, you can post or promote your jobs and get paid when someone hires you.

Referrals on Earnhive: When you tell someone about Earnhive and they join, you get 3,500 naira. How to Get Money Out of Earnhive It is easy to withdraw money from Earnhive.

For withdrawals, Earnhive works with all Nigerian banks. You just need to put in the name of your bank account and the amount you want to take out, and the money will be sent to you right away.

Affiliate withdrawals can be made with as little as 7,000 naira. Withdrawal Hours: 2:00–4:00. Withdrawal days are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The minimum amount that Task Earners can take out is 22,000H.

Withdrawal Time: The person can use the portal at any time. Withdrawal Days: Users can use the site at any time. Is Earnhive a scam or legit? There aren’t many big reasons to think Earnhive is a scam, so it seems like a legit site.

Earnhive makes it easy for people to make money in a number of different ways. Keep in mind that investment sites always have some risks, so it’s important to be careful and understand how it works before getting involved.

Earnhive earning structure

Some Faqs about Earnhive

When is earnhive launching?

Earnhive already launched and available for anyone who is interested in making money online

Is Earnhive Legit?

Yes, base on some proof seen online and reviews, earnhive is legit and still paying as at when writing this article.

How can i proceed with earnhive registration?

It’s easy to signup on earnhive after getting your coupon code from any of the legit vendors available from the Earnhive Verified coupon seller.

How much can i make on Earnhive?

That cannot be predict because the website is growing day by day and your chance of making more money keep on increasing, so the amount you make today might increase tomorrow or even less because more people will want to join and make money like you.

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