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New Loan Apps Without BVN in Nigeria 2023, If you are searching for newly launched loan apps without BVN in Nigeria today, then in this post am going to work you through the best 5 new loan apps in Nigeria today that don’t require you to drop or submit any BVN before granting your loan request and disbursed loan to your bank account in minutes.

New Loan Apps Without BVN in Nigeria 2023

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Although these apps are new, they might not grant you the huge amount of loan you need due to the fact that you did not input your BVN of the loan request but also, you want to get a huge amount of loan, then you can decide to submit your BVN details with them for huge loan access on any of the below-listed loan apps with BVN barrier.

New Loan Apps Without BVN in Nigeria 2023

1. HiFund

HiFund is one of the fast-rising loan apps in Nigeria today that was newly launched and also make loan request for every user stress-free and also promise to serve every individual loan as they want with a very low-interest rate.

With HiFund, you can have access to a loan without BVN from N5000 to N100,000 and choose to be best convenient time at which you will be able to pay back any loan you requested on this app.


Download HiFund Loan App Today and Recieve the fastest loan to your bank directly in a minute.

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2. TrueMoney

TrueMoney is another newly launched loan app in Nigeria today that grant loan to every user without asking you for any BVN whatsoever, they believe everyone has equal right and they really want to serve the country the best and help those who are in need of fast cash and pay back anytime they have it.

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TrueMoney is already trending due to the loyalty to all users and the limit of loans they grant users without BVN from N5000 to N100,000 with no collateral or any paperwork from the users.

Download TrueMoney Loan App today and enjoy what every other user are enjoying too.

3. TrueNaira

TrueNaira is another fasting disbursing loan app in Nigeria that does not make it so compulsory to users to submit or upload their BVN before giving loan access, with the generosity of this loan app people already have trust in using this loan app and they keep up to their promise and pay back their loan before the agreed time of the loan.

TrueNaira makes loan requests easier because their app interface is beginner-friendly and anyone can use the app with no knowledge or skill.

Download TrueNaira Loan App today and enjoy an easy loan from home.

4. OXloan

Oxloan is another convenient loan app that people trust and this app gains many recommendations to people who really need a loan to sort their financial bills as well as start a small business.

This loan app only takes you 3 steps to complete the loan information and get a loan alert direct to your bank account in under 24 hours and stress-free.

Due to the fact that some users try to make use of the opportunity of not asking for BVN, some users have decided to not pay back their loan and now the BVN request is only selective to some specific users.

Download Oxloan app today and enjoy a free loan without BVN.

5. Tloan

Tloan is another one of the best newly launched loan app in Nigeria today which give loan to users from 5000 to 100,000 you can use this loan to sort out small bills or start a small business for yourself.

Tloan as already gain high grand from Google and people are diverting from big loan apps to Tloan because it’s very easy to use and stress-free for every user that requests loans on this app.

You can follow this link to download Tloan app today and enjoy what other users are enjoying too.

You can also Check out the full review of Tloan app here for more insight.

Conclusion on New Loan apps in Nigeria

With all the above-mentioned loan apps, they can decide to ask you for BVN or not but either way, it’s just because of your safety as well as the platform that wants to give you loan access, they also value their own money just as you really need the loan from them too.

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