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Thinking of using Tloan to request for your next loan online? Due to the way the economy is right now, many Nigerians now need loans to stay alive. Even though leaving on credit is risky, it saves the lives of many people who would otherwise be helpless until they get paid.

Tloan app download

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This is why loan apps, with their harsh way of getting the money back, are more like a necessary evil right now.

Tloan is one of the newest loan apps that Nigerians use to get instant loans without putting up any collateral.

The Tloan app is made to be a place where regular people can fund their dreams, pay small bills, and help their businesses grow.


The app uses artificial intelligence to look at your bank records and verify your BVN. It then uses your credit score to decide whether or not to lend you money. You can apply for the loan at any time, any day of the week, and you only have to do it online.

The app is made so that it is easy for everyone to use. The dashboard is simple and easy to use, and the app is also easy to move around in. Simple, quick steps can be taken to get a loan and pay it back.

Tloan offers loans from N1,500 to N500,000, with payment terms from 61 to 180 days and interest rates from 5% to 20% per month.

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Nigerians definitely use the Tloan app a lot, as it has been downloaded 5 million times and counting. But among these millions of downloads, there are customers who have had to download the app and then delete it from their phones because they were unhappy with it.

Twoguysfinance read through the comments on the Tloan app and here’s what people had to say about their experiences with it:

What users say about Tloan

Anonymous: At first, her experience with the app was good, but then she noticed that the amount of interest she had to pay on her loan was going up.

Anonymous: His problem with the app is that it’s hard for him to connect his debit card to it. “Every time I try to link my Verve card, it doesn’t show up even after I’ve gone through all the steps and put in all the numbers on the card. Then they charge me N100 naira, but it still won’t link. I can’t get a loan unless my card is linked. “It’s very annoying,” he said.

Anonymous: says that the app has been great for getting instant loans, but he is upset that the app has not changed the status of his loan even though he has paid it back on time. “I’m told that if I pay back my loans on time, I’ll be able to borrow more money, but that hasn’t happened yet. Even though I haven’t been late on any of my loans, I can still only borrow up to N50,000. He said, “This is the only thing I don’t like about the Tloan app.”

The app is getting both positive and negative reviews on the app store: Here are some more things that people have said about the app:

Anonymous: “The app works quickly, but the interest rates on loans are too high. I got two loans for the same amount. The first one had a high interest rate, and the second one had an even higher interest rate. I can’t figure out why. I also didn’t get a discount for paying off the loan early like the app said I would.

Anonymous: “I’ve sent and received more than 25 emails for three days straight just to link my card. I put in my card information to link it, but when I finished the process, I got a message saying that my card is linked to a loan that is still going on. I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app a dozen times, but the same thing keeps happening. I was able to remove the card from my list of payment options. If I had a running loan, I wouldn’t have been able to do this. Disappointed!”

Anonymous: “Tloan sends me texts all the time asking me to apply for a loan, but when I do, I get an error message that says “we are having trouble right now, please download a newer version to use our services.” I don’t know how many times I’ve asked for a loan. This is terrible, and I don’t understand why they won’t leave me alone. I keep getting invitations, but at the end of the day I can’t get a loan.”

Anonymous: “The time I have to pay back the loan is too short, and the interest rate is too high. If I ask for an extension, I have to pay the extension fee first, which is bad and annoying.

Anonymous: “Your app is great, but I’m a little disappointed because I paid back a loan of N30,000 plus interest, which came to N38,100 in a month, and you cut my next loan approval to N10,000. That makes no sense. On the other hand, the last loan I paid was due on August 8, but I paid you on July 29, and then you lowered the loan to a ridiculous amount. That’s not right.”

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The interest rate on a loan from the Tloan app is definitely in the middle of the pack. But if you think about how risky it is for the company to give loans to people without collateral and how likely it is that the people who get the loans will not pay them back, it may be fair. Some people may only be able to borrow a certain amount, which could be another way to reduce the risks.

Is Tloan Legit?

Yes, tloan app is legit and you can request your next loan from the app and get an instant loan direct to your bank account.

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