How to do Fake Transfer on Palmpay App
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How to do Fake Transfer on Palmpay App? There is no doubt that Palmpay is a real app. But now some con artists are using the app to trick people, especially POS workers, into giving them money when they don’t mean to.

This post will show you how hackers use Palmpay to make fake transfers and how to avoid being a victim of one. If you’re a pos worker, you certainly need to read this.

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What the con artists do is literally walk into a pos dealer who uses Palmpay Pos. Then they’ll ask you to send money to that agent’s PalmPay pocket so they can give you cash.

The person will start their PalmPay app and act like they want to send money once the agent agrees.

But what they’ll really do is ask for money from them. After they make the request, palmpay will send them a receipt for the transaction that looks a lot like a normal transfer ticket.


PalmPay will also send a message to the Pos contact at the same time. Again, the alert looks a lot like the alerts they normally get when real money is sent to them.

That person will lose money because they won’t notice the fraud if they aren’t careful enough or are in a hurry to look closely.

You should always double-check any warning you get from Palmpay so you don’t fall for this scam.

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What to do if you’ve already been scammed by a PalmPay transfer alert?

If this scam has already taken advantage of you, you can get help from Palmpay Customer Care. If your money hasn’t been taken out yet, they might still be able to take it back. If the money is a lot, you might also want to call the cops.

Thanks for reading. I hope you now understand how palmpay fake transfers work and how to stop them. Feel free to ask me anything, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.


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