Gocash loan app
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Gocash loan app is one of the fast rising loan app in Nigeria today that offer personal loan to users who need help in paying for bills, electricity, subscription and other small payment.

With Gocash loan app, users can get upto N80,000 loan with simple steps to follow and loan will be disbursed direct to your Nigeria bank account after required information as been provided.

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Gocash loan app

Benefit of GoCash loan app

  • Gocash loan interest is quite low compared to other apps
  • Gocash provide easy verification and submission, only need a BVN card
  • Gocash offer Flexible disbursement and repayment of funds through all banks in Nigeria (Internet banking, mobile banking, and ATM)

With GoCash, user can get financial freedom, Meet their daily needs, such as to pay for emergency school fees or sudden hospital costs, pursue your dream to start a physical or online business or continue business activities.

GoCash promise to solve financial solution for their users and offer easiest method for users to get loan approved in just a minute.


GoCash Loan Eligibility

  • 18 to 50 years old
  • Have an active bank account and mobile number
  • Must be a Nigerian

How to get a loan from Gocash

  • Download the GoCash app on Google Play
  • Fill in your personal information as required
  • Wait for the verification results from us
  • If loan approved, then gocash will immediately disbursement funds to your account

Gocash loan repayment terms

  • Loan amount: ₦20,000 – ₦80,000
  • Loan period: the shortest 91 days, the longest 365 days
  • Annual interest rate: Maximum 24% per annum (APR)
  • Daily interest rate: 24% / 365 = 0.0658%
  • Service Fee: 0% (no other fees)

For example: if you apply for a loan of ₦20,000, interest is 24% (APR) / year and the loan term is 120 days, so the amount to be paid is ₦21,578 = ₦20,000 loan + ₦20,000 loan interest x24% (APR) x (120/365) days (no other charges)
Total monthly payment: ₦ 5,394.52 = ₦21,578 / 4 months.

Is Gocash loan app legit?

Yes, the app is very legit and they service users the best and quickiest loan so far, you can try them out today and enjoy the fastest loan app in Nigeria today.

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Gocash Contact Information

Go Cash service is available to all Nigerians. If you want to know more, you can contact us!
Gocash loan Email address: [email protected]
Gocash contact Address: Lekki Estate Rd, Aja, Lekki, Nigeria 106104

gocash loan code

dial *322*account number# loan

Gocash feedback from users

User1: Filling in the data is very simple and doesn’t ask for many other supporters.. Anyway, this application is highly recommended for urgent funding needs.

User2: very good application.. the application process is fast.. Thanks Fast Money because my application was accepted.. I wish you success always

User3: The initial stage of the submission is smooth with a large limit and a long tempo….

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