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Lumos Loan app is one among the pure online credit loan platform in Nigeria today which serve everyone loan fromt he comfort of their home. Also focusing on providing users with instant loan services.

lumos loan

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Lumos Loan has mature and professional risk control capabilities within the system to make sure they maintain the platform and also serve the users the best, and can quickly conduct an overall credit assessment for users, with a loan amount of up to 350,000 without living your home.

With lumos loan app, every users have the high change to enjoy fast loan disbursment direct to their bank account with no stress.

Lumos Loan Capacity

  • Loan amount: ₦50,000 – ₦350,000
  • Loan term: the shortest loan period is 91 days, the longest is 365 days
  • Daily interest rate: 0.0057%
  • Maximum annual interest rate APR: 20.55%

Lumos Loan Calculation

Calculating the amount loan borrowed from lumos loan and how much interest to charge on the loan is very easy.


For example, if you choose to borrow a loan of 100,000 with 12-month loan principal, this is how your repayment will goes below:

Installment plan: 12 month 365 days
Principal: ₦100,000.
Amount of expenditure: ₦100,000. Amount of expenditure = principal – expenses ₦100,000 – ₦0 = ₦100,000.

PMT (monthly payment amount): ₦10045.8. PMT = ₦100,000 x (1 + 20. 55%)/ 12 = ₦10045.8.
Total interest: ₦20,550.
Total amount: ₦120,550. Total amount = principal + Total interest = ₦120,550.

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Total interest rate: 20.55%. Total interest rate = total interest / principal * 100% =, ₦120,550 / ₦100,000 * 100% = 20.55%.
Monthly interest: 1.71%. Monthly interest = total interest rate / installment = 20.55% / 12 = 1.71%.

Steps to Get Lumos Loan is easy

  • Download Lumos loan from Google playstore
  • Create your account
  • Apply in seconds
  • Receive your loan straight into your bank account
  • Increase your loan limit every time you repay a loan

Lumos Loan Eligibility

1. Nigeria Citizen
2. Above 18 years old
3. Valid Document and proofs
4. Must have an active bank accounts

About Lumos Loan

Lumos loan app was powered by Tinni Investments Private Limited which is a Systemically Important Microcredit Company within the group companies carrying the Soft Naira brand.

Also Tinni Investments Private Limited built the Lumos Loan as a Free app to help every individual who need urgent cash to short out some bills.

All loan applications from lumos are approved and sanctioned by CBN(Central Bank of Nigeria) and communicated upfront during Loan application.

Is Lumos loan Legit?

Yes, lumos loan app is legit and they have given over 10,000 people loan online for personal use and small business owners to get started with their business.

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Lumos loan contact information

Lumos loan Address: Flat No.4,Finance Quarter,Life Camp,Abuja,FCT-Abuja,Isabelcia Event Management,nigeria
Lumos loan Email: [email protected]
Lumos loan Phone number: +234 09013395317.

Lumos Working hours:
Monday to Friday: from 9:00am to 6:30pm
Saturday to Sunday: From 10:00am to 6:00pm

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