Loan Apps in Nigeria Without Face Verification Needed
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Getting a Loan Apps in Nigeria Without Face Verification is very possible with the help of some certain loan apps that we will be mentioning in this article, uploading your selfie isn’t necessary to get a loan from some money lenders in Nigeria. In order to confirm your identification, these providers usually consult additional sources, such your bank statement, credit report, or BVN. If you need a loan but don’t want to use a face verification or selfie, these are a couple of the best loan apps options just for you.

Keep in mind that not all lending applications ask for Face Verification or selfies. A photo ID may be all that’s needed to borrow money through some apps. Think about the potential dangers of giving Face Verification or selfies to lending apps: identity theft, extortion, etc.

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Before you apply for a loan using an app that requires you to upload Face Verification or take selfies, be sure you understand how your data will be handled by reviewing the app’s privacy policy and terms of service. Be wary about sharing selfies with any loan app that doesn’t have a solid reputation for user data protection.

Your bank account details, phone number, and BVN are some of the alternative techniques used by these apps to confirm your identification. Loan amounts between N1,000 and N50,000 are available, with repayment periods of 7 to 30 days. These loans often have higher interest rates than what you would find at a bank, however they do vary.

It should be remembered that not every loan application is the same. Some may charge more interest or have more stringent repayment conditions, but others are more trustworthy. You should shop around for the best loan rates and terms before applying for one.


Below listed are just the best Among the Loan Apps in Nigeria Without Face Verification Needed and at the end, i know one of them would Definity work for you.

1. Okash Loan App

People in Nigeria can get short-term loans using Okash, a mobile lending platform. Anyone with a valid bank account and an age between 20 and 55 is eligible for the loans. The application process is simple and fast with Okash, and collateral or guarantors are not needed.

Your ability to borrow money from Okash is contingent upon your credit history and credit score. A loan of up to NGN 500,000 is available, with a minimum of NGN 3,000. The length of the loan might range from ninety-one to one hundred and sixty-five days.

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Daily calculations determine the interest rate for Okash loans. At present, the daily interest rate stands at 1.8%. This equates to an interest payment of 1,080 Nigerian cedis for a 30-day loan of NGN 3,000.

You can get the Okash app in the App Store or the Google Play Store, and then you can use it to apply for a loan. The first step in using the app is to create an account. This requires you to enter your name, email address, phone number, and bank account information. After that, you may begin to download the app.

Within minutes of receiving your application, Okash will examine the details you provided and reach a determination. Within five minutes of your application’s approval, the money will be sent to your bank account.

2. Aella Loan

Instant loans are offered by Aella, a fintech startup based in Nigeria, to both people and enterprises. You can use the money from the company’s lending product, Aella Credit, for anything you want: paying for unforeseen costs, consolidating debt, or investing.

A valid BVN, smartphone, and Nigerian citizenship are the requirements for an Aella loan. Additionally, you’ll have to fill out some basic financial forms detailing your income and expenditures. The money will be in your bank account minutes after your application is approved.

Aella loans have an APR between 22 and 264%, with monthly interest rates ranging from 2 to 20%. Although this is a higher interest rate than what other online lenders in Nigeria provide, it is still competitive.

You can pay back an Aella loan in instalments over 61 to 365 days. A flat price will be applied to each loan, but there will be no late fees. Your total loan amount and repayment duration will determine the exact amount of the flat fee.

If you’re a Nigerian and you need cash quickly, Aella is a solid choice. Getting a loan from this organization is easy and quick, and they have reasonable interest rates. Before you apply for a loan, though, you should know that the interest rates are quite high.

3. Eyowo loan

As of right now, Eyowo is unable to provide loans. Having said that, they do provide a wide range of additional financial services, such as:

Transferring Funds: Eyowo allows you to transfer and receive funds from loved ones, acquaintances, and companies. Eyowo is a payment method that may be used both online and in stores.

Several savings options, such as fixed and recurring savings, are available from Eyowo. Eyowo also allows you to set aside money for specific purposes, like a future trip or a vehicle.

You can use the Mastercard debit card that Eyowo provides to buy things both online and in-store. With this card, you may make purchases and access your savings directly from your Eyowo account.

Eyowo isn’t the greatest choice right now if you need a loan. On the other hand, they provide a variety of different financial offerings that could be beneficial to you.

4. ALAT loan

Wema Bank’s digital bank, ALAT, offers a variety of personal loans. You can get one of these loans without putting up any security because they are unsecured. You can apply for them online via the ALAT app, so it’s not too difficult.

Your salary and credit score determine the maximum loan amount that you can get through ALAT. Nevertheless, the usual range for loans is between ₦5,000 and ₦4 million. Loans from ALAT have a monthly interest rate of 2% and a repayment term of 3–24 months.

A regular savings account with ALAT is required in order to apply for a loan from ALAT. To be eligible, you must have used the account for both credit and debit transactions often.

You should expect to hear back about a loan offer very quickly after submitting an application. The money will be transferred to your ALAT account right away if you take the offer.

5. Carbon Loan

Carbon lends money to people and companies in Nigeria through their innovative financial technology platform. Loan options such as personal loans, business loans, and top-ups are available from this lender. Borrowers can apply for carbon loans regardless of their employment status, and collateral is not required.

The Carbon app, available in the App Store for iOS and Google Play, is all you need to apply for a loan through Carbon. Make sure you have your name, email, phone number, and date of birth on hand when you sign up for an account after downloading the app. Your bank account information is also required.

Carbon promises a decision within minutes of your application submission after reviewing your details. The money in your Carbon account will be available to you right away if your application is granted.

6. PalmCredit Loan

Instant loans are available to Nigerians using the mobile lending app PalmCredit. There is a range of 91 to 365 days for repaying loans between NGN10,000 and NGN300,000. You might expect an annual percentage rate (APR) anywhere from 24% to 56%.

Downloading the app and making an account are prerequisites to applying for a PalmCredit loan. The next step is to fill out the required fields with your personal details, including your name, email, phone number, and bank account information. Along with that, a current power bill and photo ID are required documents to be uploaded.

You can expect a response from PalmCredit regarding your application within minutes after submission. Your bank account will be credited instantly upon approval.

7. Quickteller

Users in Nigeria can pay for a range of services, including bill payments, money transfers, and airtime recharge, through Quickteller, a prominent payments platform in the country. Interswitch, a frontrunner in the African payments industry, owns it as a subsidiary.

Launched in 2004, Quickteller has risen to become one of Nigeria’s most popular payment platforms. It provides a plethora of functionalities.

Several channels are accessible for Quickteller, such as the website, mobile app, and USSD code. Jumia and Konga are only two of the many third-party platforms that it works with.

Making a payment in Nigeria using Quickteller is a safe and easy option. Every day, millions of people utilize it, and top companies and organizations trust it as well.

Making payments in this method is quite convenient. Anytime, anyplace, you can use your computer or mobile phone to make a payment.

Making payments in this method is safe. Strict SSL encryption safeguards your financial transactions.

This method of payment is dependable. After more than 15 years in business, Quickteller has earned a reputation for dependability.

Making payments in this way is economical. The price that Quickteller uses to operate is quite low.

8. FairMoney

Personal loans, business loans, savings accounts, and investment products are just some of the services offered by FairMoney, a digital microfinance bank. It has a license from the CBN, which is Nigeria’s central bank.

Borrowers love FairMoney because it’s simple, fast, and requires no collateral to get the money they need. When it comes to loans, the organization is also known for being honest and fair.

Conclusion on Loan Apps in Nigeria Without Face Verification

Regardless of any of the app you choose to go with, just know that you can also find more Loan Apps in Nigeria Without Face Verification anywhere, but what you should always have in your mind is that your privacy is very important, always check your privacy protection before you proceed to borrow money from any apps in Nigeria.

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