List of Loan app without ATM card in Nigeria

List of Loan app without ATM card in Nigeria

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If you are looking for loan app without atm card in Nigeria, in this article i will walk you through 8 loan apps you can use without ATM card in Nigeria today and they are all very easy to apply for a loan without any stress in Nigeria.

ATMs or Automated Teller Machines are mostly used to withdraw cash. If a bank allows it, you can also make deposits into an account during and outside regular business banking hours. This card can also be used to set up automatic debit to an account and it always requires a PIN (Personal Identification Number) (Personal Identification Number).

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Loan app without ATM card in Nigeria

The prevailing economic downturn and business meltdown nationwide have made meeting financial obligations overwhelmingly difficult without getting instant cash lending for emergencies when you need them, especially when payday is still far away.

The reviewed apps are the top 10 lending platforms that can give you an instant loan without you having to set up your ATM card or debit card with the app or add it to the app. Please abstain from taking loans from fake loan apps that access your phone and send shame messages to your contacts.


1. QuickCredit Loan App Without ATM Card

Quick Credit is a loan app hosted on google play and set up to provide Nigeria mobile users with convenient lending services between N1,500 toN50,000. You do not require an ATM CARD to apply for Quick Credit loan.

With simple steps and minimal documentation, users can get qualified loan products which is 100% online process. Once approved, the loan amount will be immediately transferred to the applicant’ s bank account.

2. FairMoney Loan App Without ATM Card

FairMoney is a top digital lender and one of the few loan apps without ATM card that gives out credit to customers instantly once application is approved. It is also Nigeria’s leading digital bank.

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Over 3 million people have used FairMoney in the last four years to get quick online loans.

Loan amounts range from 1,500 to 1,000,000, and the length of time it takes to pay them back is from 61 days to 18 months. Monthly interest rates range from 2.5% to 30% (annual percentage rates, or APRs, are from 30% to 260%).

3. Umba Loan App Without ATM Card

Umba is another loan app in Nigeria 2022 that lets people apply for, get, and pay back loans right from their phone or desktop computer, without needing an ATM card. The loan platform says that once a person has been checked out, it can make lending decisions based on a risk rating.

The Umba app is on the Google Play store, and you don’t need any collateral or paperwork to get a quick loan through it.

4. Renmoney Loan App Without ATM Card

Renmoney is one of our top 10 loan apps in Nigeria that don’t require an ATM card. The digital lender is managed by a group of technology and finance enthusiasts who are passionate about making financial inclusion count in Nigeria.

Renmoney digital platform claims to be Nigeria’s most convenient lending quick loan company – delivering outstanding service experiences to its customers. It doesn’t bother or threaten its customers, and it has excellent customer service.

With Renmoney, you can easily apply for a loan to help your small business grow, fix up your home, buy a new car, pay rent, school fees, medical bills, etc.

5. OKash Loan App Without ATM Card

Okash is one of the popular loan apps without ATM Card in Nigeria 2022 and it gives you easy access credit anytime, anywhere nationwide.

Blue Ridge Microfinance Bank Limited runs the Okash platform, which is easy for Nigerian mobile users to use. OKash takes care of all of its customers’ financial needs online, 24/7. The application process is simple and only requires a few pieces of paperwork. If the loan is approved, the money is sent to the applicant’s bank account.

6. GTB Quick Credit Loan App Without ATM Card

Gtbank Quick Credit is the bank’s digital lending platform where account holders can apply for a loan and get between N10,000 and N5,000,000 in cash right away. It’s one of many loan apps that don’t need an ATM card. Whether you have a job or work for yourself, the Quick Credit loan scheme lets you get the cash you need right away and pay it back over 6–12 months. You don’t need a guarantor or collateral, and you don’t even have to give the details of your ATM card.

The interest rate for GTB Quick Credit is 1.5% per month, and there are no hidden fees. You can borrow up to N5 million.

7. Money in Minutes Loan App Without ATM Card

MoneyInMinutes is one of our best loan apps that don’t require an ATM card. The platform is run by MIM Finance Company, which is based in the UK but has offices on three continents and is Nigeria’s first credit membership that gives cash right away.

The organization code named MIM Finance Company has been enabling lives and businesses for over twenty (20) years now by its quick online loans and other related business support.

Money In Minutes can help people and businesses grow because it has given out more than $10 billion in loans in the last 20 years. “Affordable and stress-free financing shouldn’t be for the lucky few, but for ambitious and hardworking citizens who can show they can make payments,” says the company.

8. QuickCheck Loan App Without ATM Card

QuickCheck is a quick loan app that uses machine learning to predict how borrowers will behave and instantly evaluate loan applications. Also, it is one of the few loan apps in Nigeria that can be used without an ATM card. The company wants to help people reach their personal and business goals by giving them digital financial services.

All applications MUST be filled out on your Android device. Download the QuickCheck app from the Google Playstore to get started on your application. Sign in with your Facebook email address and password after you’ve downloaded the app, and then fill out the fields correctly.

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Who Is Eligible To Apply?

Adults in Nigeria who have a good credit score. If you are eligible and have an Android device, you can use our services anywhere in Nigeria.

Can I get loan without debit card?

Yes you can. You don’t have to have a debit card to get a loan. In fact, many microlending companies and loan apps do not require a debit card or an ATM card to get a loan. Many loan apps will give you a loan if you can show that you can pay it back. You can do this by looking at your credit history, your current salary, or your bank statement. All of the above loan apps will lend you money even if you don’t have a debit card.
Which is the best app in Nigeria to get a loan right away?

In Nigeria, Branch Loan App is the best place to borrow money. The app has low interest rates, is reliable, and has a good reputation. Even when loan payments are late, the app does not threaten or shame its users.

Conclusion Loan app without ATM card in Nigeria

Nigerians have complained a lot about lending apps and loan sharks taking their money without their permission because their ATM cards are stored on their system. Some others take a security deposit right from a customer’s ATM card before approving a loan, but then they don’t give the customer the money. So, we thought it would be best to pick out the 10 best loan apps in Nigeria that don’t require ATM cards.

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