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Today, it’s easy to give money to anyone, from anywhere. Thanks to the start-ups in financial technology that have made this possible and helped digitize the world as a whole.

Today, we’ll talk about Chime, a new company that is quickly becoming one of the most popular financial technology companies. Chime lets people set up free checking and savings accounts with Direct Deposits and a debit card.

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A personal finance expert from COMPACOM, Alice Rose, said that financial technologies and cash apps like Chime have changed the way people manage their money because they are more convenient, easier to use, and cheaper than standard banking services.

The “Cash App” is another financial technology or “fintech” start-up that is doing very well in the market right now. This app lets people send money to each other straight from their phones.


You can either send the money straight to your friend’s Cash account or use their Visa debit card to get cash. The only requirement is that your Cash App should be tied to a real bank account.

But is it possible to transfer money from Chime to Cash App?

Well, “YES” is the answer! this is how.

How do I send money from Chime to Cash App?

Start the Cash App. Click on your personal picture to go to your profile.
The next step is to link your Cash App to your Chime bank account. So, find the choice that says “Add Bank” and click on it.

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After that, you’ll see a list of well-known banks to choose from. Look for Chime and tap on its icon.
Next, use your Banking information and login information to sign in to your Chime account.

The third step is to link your Chime bank account to your Cash App. You can now use the Cash App to send money to your friends.
You can use your Cash App to send your peer the amount you choose, and the money will be taken from your Chime Bank Account.

Pro Tip:

Once you’ve linked your Chime bank account to your Cash App and are ready to send money to friends, family, or anyone else, try sending a dollar first. This is just to check to see if everything is working well. Once you’re sure that everything is going as planned, you might be able to try sending a larger amount.

How much money can you send with your Cash App?

Well! If you are not a registered Cash App user, you can only send and receive up to $1,000 per month. Please keep in mind that the Cash App can only verify people who are 18 or older.

But once you give the company your SSN and other relevant information, they can verify your Cash account and raise the cap by a large amount.

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