New Business Ideas in 2023
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Last year, a friend ran to me as she got some funds which she would like to put into work and double it as fast as she can, looking for New business ideas in 2023 she can venture into and start making money for herself.

Different thoughts was coming to my head since she’s one of a kind friend which i would like to give the best advice to and wish her the best in the business because woman sometimes don’t want to fail in any kind of business or things they put money into.

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Wait, the business ideas i gave her is not meant to ladies alone but both gender since men sells woman stuffs and it was not written anywhere that a man can not sell ladies wears. so yeah, it’s a business anyone can do to start making money for themselves and the ideas are very unique.

You might have heard about them before but no more resources might have been provided to help you along side the business which you will like to succeed in it.

So, in this article, am gonna give you the Top 5 New Business Ideas in 2023 which will make you money and be successful in the year 2023.


At the end of this article, i will also tell you the exact business the girl is doing and already seeing traction from the business.

1. Start Pre-order Business

start pre-order business - New Business Ideas in 2023

There are lot of people who are very much interested in cheap goods and they are ready to wait till the product arrive to their destination. Even me myself have place such order with a pre order vendor since i notice it’s more cheaper than going to eCommerce website like Jumia to purchase the product.

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Imagine getting a product for #30,000 or $80 and if you check on some eCommerce website, you will see the product cost #50,000 or $100 with shipping or or shipping fee might cost you extra.

In this kind of business, you just need the right plug, someone who can guide you through out the process, and finding websites to get cheap products, it very easy to get buyers and you can do this once in a month.

You can find WhatsApp influencers to promote your pre-order flyers for you and you will gain lot of contacts, you see this kind of business, you don’t need huge capital to start because people are going to pay you before you place order for them or they pay %50 and once the order arrive, they will pay the remaining balance, so you’re not losing any thing.

Like i promise to tell you, this is the business that the girl just choose to start and she have gain lot of contacts and people are interested to buy from her as it’s very cheap.

This is the first Top 5 New Business Ideas in 2023.

2. Start a YouTube Channel

start a youtube channel - New Business Ideas in 2023

Starting a YouTube channel could be a perfect way to make money for yourself while sleeping. You’d need to identify a niche to focus on, and what the target audience constantly searches for on YouTube.

A lot of people get frustrated trying to make money through their YouTube channel just because they failed to go through the learning process first. there is a process for everything and you can’t just wave a magic wand and start generating money.

The first thing to understand is to know who you are, what you can do and how to do it, you can’t just wake up and said you want to start a YouTube channel with no plan, it will definitely fail in no time.

You need to know if people are interested to hear you out and want to learn from you, and are you really that ready to give people value from your knowledge?

If you are looking for business ideas to start in 2023, then trust me, this is the great one you’d want to start now, i mean now as the year 2023 just started.

3. Waste management

waste management - New Business Ideas in 2023

Most countries waste management system is grossly underdeveloped, which has led to a sizeable amount of pollution in the country. This has led to many business ideas in Nigeria where people and companies can pack, recycle, and convert waste into organic fertilizer. This also a very lucrative business idea you can start today as there are many uses to the recycled waste. There are many recycling companies in Nigeria you can also check out to learn more about how the business run and if you are ready to give it all it takes.

This is the third out of the Top 5 New Business Ideas in 2023.

4. Product Review Business

product review business - New Business Ideas in 2023

There are lot of business owners who are looking for someone to use their product and give honest review, which other people can see and make them want to buy the product from the brand.

In this kind of business, there are different approach and how you present yourself in the product review space to make money.

You have to package yourself, build yourself and look topnotch so that good and quality brand can pay you good money to review their product.

You will get paid in real money and also have the products you review to yourself without paying to have them, it quite easy right?

All you will just invest in is yourself looking nice, smelling nice and the right brand will reach out to you to partner with you for a long term.

5. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing - New Business Ideas in 2023

This section make me laugh most times when some people feels like broke people only do affiliate marketing but the fact is that, lot of people do affiliate marketing even though those people that earn 6 figures online also earn alot with affiliate marketing, you only need to pick the good route in the space and picking the right product that will drive sales as fast as possible.

Am been real, you can make lot of money doing affiliate marketing from the comfort of your home and you don’t have to stress yourself at all.

All you need is internet access, your mobile phone and your computer, do this everyday and stay consistent, trust me, it’s a great deal to start making money in 2023.

This is a great business ideas for beginners who want to start making money online in 2023 and beyond.

Conclusion on Top 5 New Business Ideas in 2023

Running a successful business is largely depends on what goes down well with you. You might encounter different challenges stating a business in 2023, some times you will feel like you can’t do this again, you should try another thing due to the fact that you’re not seeing traction.

You should consider important factors like the area you are in and the demand for such a service. Most importantly, do something that you do not find burdensome, and offers a good profit margin compared to investment.

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