How to Apply For ErrandPay POS Agent

How to Apply For ErrandPay POS Agent

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Errandpay pos is another talk in town platform that offer business owners pos machine to help in support their business and make extra money on the side within their business premises.

Errand pos machine is just as competitive to other pos platform where individual can also be a merchant and use errandpay pos to run transactions within their community or area of business.

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Errandpay POS app was specifically designed for agent bankers who intend for a multifunctional agency banking platform that can help them run, manage and grow their agency banking business with no stress and effortlessly. With a user-friendly app designed to work in sync with the POS device(s), agents can now enjoy an easy-to-use interface protected with high-tech security functionalities to keep transactions secured within the app.

How to Apply For ErrandPay POS Agent

And irrespective of the country you operate in, this POS device and app was designed to help you localise your experience. You can customize the POS device and apps’ interface with your logo, brand name and the brand colours your sub-agents are familiar with, this make errandpay more unique from it’s competitor and it can also protect your device from theft.


In an attempt for more leverage, agents can onboard sub-agents across various locations, directly from the app. Inside the app, users will also have designed feature in-app that allows agents to monitor the activities of every POS from a single dashboard. This initiative allows you to completely own your agency banking brand and to run it on your terms, making it easy for you to earn even more money without breaking a sweat.

The best part is that the app interface makes it very easy for starters to thrive as agent bankers without hassles. While they can recruit as many as one million sub-agents in select locations across the world, the app is designed to manage the business and grow its operations significantly.

It is worthy of mention that with just a swipe and a few clicks, you can now:

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  • Perform financial and non-financial transactions on behalf of customers using a POS device and the mobile app or either of the duo.
  • Remotely monitor from your phone the transactions on as many as one million POS devices connected to your app.
  • Leverage the in-app functionality that allows you to offer “send money” services in 50+ countries across the world
  • Pay for bills or services locally and internationally.
  • Receive money and request for cash in over 50 locations across Africa.
  • Have a detailed transaction record of the POS device(s) connected to your mobile app.

This initiative is powered by ErrandPay. They have built a reputation across Africa on the stellar innovation, with prompt response to users’ query and also courageous strides on leading the conversation of financial inclusion in Africa. Whilst many agent bankers across Africa have dubbed ErrandPay as the agent’s realest pal, errandpay was known to others as the agent’s lifeline.

Who Can use ErrandPay POS?

  • Supermarket & Retail with Automation
  • Convenience Store & Petrol Station
  • Smaller Retailers & Food & Beverages
  • POS Business Agents

How to Get ErrandPay POS?

It’s very easy to apply for errandpay pos machine and will be send to your address, all you have to do is to download Errandpay mobile apps from Google playstore and install the app to your phone.

Errandpay App Login | How to Login to Errandpay App

It’s actually easy to login to your Errandpay app
* After downloading Errandpay app
* Click to open Errandpay app
* Input your Username or Phone number
* Then, follow by the password you use when registering
* Then hit the enter or login button

Steps to apply a Errandpay POS:
1. Sign up
2. Fill in basic details
3. Apply for a POS
4. Wait for their agent/team to chat you up  for approval

To get Errandpay POS, you need to be:
1. An Africa Citizen
2. Between 18-65 years old
3. Regular source of income

You can also join the errandpay community on whatsapp and meet other business owners just like you for more discussion and how they get started in the business.

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