GGMoney loan app
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GGmoney is one of the best secure loan apps that promise to offer a convenient loan platform for Nigerian Citizens to request loans anytime, anywhere they are with ease.

GGMoney loan app is one of the fast-rising loan apps that offer loans to users from 1000 naira to 50,00 which also depends on the credit check of an individual account.

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GGMoney loan app

Users can request a loan anytime and 100% online, users can also apply for the loan from home as long as there is internet access to get into the app.

The GGMoney loan app looks at your bank records and verifies your BVN with the help of AI. Then, it looks at your credit score to decide if it will lend you money or not. You can apply for the loan any day of the week, at any time, and all you have to do is go online.


The app is made so that everyone can use it easily. The app is easy to move around in and the dashboard is simple and easy to use. There are easy, quick ways to get a loan and pay it back.

GGMoney offers loans from N1,000 to N50,000, with terms from 30 to 180 days and interest rates from 5% to 20% per month.

Nigerians must use the GGMoney app a lot since it’s been downloaded more than half a million times and counting. But among these millions of downloads, there are some customers who had to get the app and then delete it because they didn’t like it.

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When you use the GGMoney loan app to get a loan, you can be sure that you’ll be safe and that you’ll have a high chance of getting the loan.

Twoguysfinance When you read the comments on the GGMoney app, here’s what people had to say about how they used it:

What people have to say

Anonymous: Very good and quick, easy to pay, convenient, and you can use it right away. Ready to get the loan back I’m still giving you 5 stars for your hard work. The loan platform is a great way to get a loan, and you can get it right away. Your loan will be given to you as quickly as possible. And the higher chances of borrowing are easy to see. It’s important to point out that the guarantee of privacy and security gives me peace of mind every time I use it.

Anonymous: Money also moves very quickly. The safe place to borrow money! Very good software for microloans. The process is easy, the data can be reviewed and approved quickly after the information is filled out, and the money can be sent quickly as well. It really works! The mobile phone self-service loan machine, haha, I tried it. The application is very easy, and the cash loan is very professional!!!!!!!!

Anonymous: The speed of payment is more than just fast. The software does its job well, and it is very stable. This is a place to borrow money. It is a real tool for same-day payment. The loan platform is easy to use, quick, and powerful. It is, in fact, a loan artifact! This is the best app for quick loans. Thank you for the fast service. We can’t say no to this app without using it, and once we do, we’ll never use another loan platform again. Here, we get good interest rates and quick service.

On the app store, there are both good and bad reviews of the app: People have also said the following about the app:

Anonymous: Very friendly, easy to borrow from, nothing to fill out that takes a long time, etc. Just fill out the form. There are no high hidden fees, and I’m sure this app can help you get money if you need it.

Anonymous: This app is easy to use and good. If you borrow it, it is very easy to use. It’s a good idea to borrow money! Very little money! Review quickly! Fast disbursement! If you need it, you can try it!

Anonymous: I don’t believe all of these reviews because it seems like you’re the ones writing them. I don’t understand why you’d start counting down the date of repayment without sending the money. I’ve called and texted every social media platform, but no one has answered. The interest rate is high, but I decided to take the loan anyway. I’ve been trying to get a loan since yesterday, but I haven’t seen any money yet. It says on the app that the money has been sent. Please don’t charge me for food I didn’t even eat.

Anonymous: “The loan is too expensive and I don’t have enough time to pay it back. If I need more time, I have to pay a fee first, which is bad and annoying.

Anonymous: Anyone who is thinking about getting this app should stay away from it. Since I’m not happy with this app. I’ve spent N13,400. Instead of paying the 13,923. They automatically extended my Duration, even though I still owed money. Since they no longer charge for interest. And right away, I sent them N600 so they would know I could apply for another loan. They said I couldn’t get another loan. Because of their heartless staff. I used to recommend them, but I no longer do.

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Is GGMoney Loan App Legit?

Yes, the loan app is very legit and you can request your next loan from GGMoney today for fast loan disbursement.

Bottomline on GGMoney

The interest rate for a loan from the GGMoney loan app is definitely in the middle of the pack. But if you think about how risky it is for the company to give loans to people without collateral and how likely it is that the people who get the loans won’t pay them back, it may be fair. Some people may only be able to borrow a certain amount, which could be another way to lower the risks.

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