Top 7 Dirty Ways To Make Money In Nigeria 2023
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If you are looking for a Dirty Ways To Make Money In Nigeria 2023, I can tell you boldly that there are many ways to make money in Nigeria. Most of the time, the hardest part is coming up with the idea that will give you an edge in that type of business.

From regular office work to skilled and unskilled manual labor, it’s hard to be in Nigeria and not have a job, or at least something you can always use to make ends meet.

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Also, not all businesses or jobs in Nigeria are something you’d be happy to tell the world you do, even if they may not be illegal.

But a lot of these somewhat dirty companies can pay well.

Top 7 Dirty Ways To Make Money In Nigeria 2023

Also, because these business/job chances aren’t always advertised, there’s a strong market that can always get you going as soon as you start. Also, they are probably the fastest legal ways to make money fast in the country.


1. Sell Adult Contents

Still in the adult business, you can start making and selling multimedia content on adult platforms like OnlyFans, Fanvue, and FanCentro. This is a great way for women to make money.

Since the adult content business makes more than a billion dollars a year, you shouldn’t be surprised if you become a hit as soon as you start working there.

All you have to do is look at what other creators are doing, figure out what makes their audience grow, and then try to do the same thing in your own way.

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The good thing about this route is that the money is paid in dollars, which makes it a great way to deal with the Nigerian market.

2. Sell your Hair

Sell your Hair

Most people would say that selling their hair isn’t a dirty way to make money, but it’s also not the kind of way to make money that they’d want people to know about.

Since the human hair business is worth more than $7 billion, there are many ways for you to make money from your natural assets.

Human hair can be sold for up to $2,000 per gift, depending on how good it is. The average session for a hair volunteer costs $1,000.

The only bad thing about it is that you can’t sell it every month as a steady source of income. So if you want to find something that gives you passive income every month, you might have to find something else to do.

3. Sell Your Body Fluids

Sell Your Body Fluids

This is one of the best and most profitable ways to make money in Nigeria that aren’t well-known or clean.

You can sell your blood, plasma, or (for women) breast milk in legal amounts for good money. This is a much more common thing to do than selling your hair. If you can meet the medical standards, it may be your best option if you need money quickly.

When you sell your blood and plasma, you can get anywhere from $70 to $120 per gift. Breast milk, on the other hand, costs anywhere from $2 to $5 per ounce.

Even though this isn’t exactly what you need to get out of the hood, it’s a great place to start if you’re just trying to make ends meet.

4. Sell Your Used Clothes, Socks, and Underwear

Still thinking about things you can sell quickly to make money, your gadgets should give you ideas. People often go to great lengths to keep a collection of clothes and other things that other people wear.

Find a place where you can sell your used underwear, pants, and socks, and you can start making money.

Most sites will let you sell your used underwear for between $30 and $50, especially if it’s from a high-end brand.

You could get $20 to $30 for a pair of used socks, and if you sold a lot of them, you could make up to $200. Even though that’s true, it’s usually a lot easier and more profitable to sell used items in the adult space if you have a good following there.

5. Participate in Clinical Trials

In many ways, we could say that taking part in clinical studies in Nigeria is not a bad way to make money.

But it’s not a job that people love to wear on their foreheads for everyone to know.

Also, taking part in clinical trials is hard and takes a certain amount of bravery that not everyone has.

If you really want to do the job, you can make between $500 and $2,000 per session. You could also get more medical facilities from companies that give you in cash and medical supplies.

The only thing that might stop you is if you don’t meet the health requirements for some studies.

6. Start Checking Sensitive Online Content

Tech companies are always looking for content checkers to help them find things that don’t fit with their brand’s vision and goal. You can start lending a hand.

Even though this isn’t exactly a dirty way to make money, we could say that it’s a job where you have to be willing to hide the fact that you’re working, which is pretty much the same as a dirty job.

You can easily make between $30 and $50 per hour as a full-time content checker. You can also make between $20 and $30 if you work as an independent.

7. Cam Modelling

This is probably the most successful and legal job on the other side of the internet right now. Even though it’s not the kind of job you want to be known for, it helps a lot if your main goal is to make ends meet. It’s even better that both men and women can get good jobs in this field.

If you’re an adult, have a good webcam and microphone, can stream from where you are, and think you can be friendly to people who just want to have fun online, this might be a good choice for you to think about.

Beginner cam models can make as much as $70 per hour, and based on how much traffic they get, this can easily go up to $300 per hour. This puts you in a good position to make a good amount of money every month.

In Conclusion

Some times dirty jobs do not automatically yield high returns because they are dirty but as a result of expertise, consistency and efficiency.

There are very many competitors in all the jobs mentioned above. You must carry out research, plan, implement ideas and work hard at distinguishing your business from others.

Maybe just some illegal side hustles in nigeria, or lets say dirty ways to make money fast, what many care is all about them making the money even though some folks in Nigeria really want some secret ways to make money online and live comfortably.

The only problem with this job is that you need a tech background to get hired, and it’s a lot more work than the other choices.

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