7 best budgeting apps for couples in 2023

7 best budgeting apps for couples in 2023

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In this article, we walk you through 7 best budgeting apps for couples in 2023, Taking care of your money can be hard enough when you’re on your own. When you add another person who has their own bills, accounts, and spending habits, it’s even harder to keep track of spending and stick to a budget.

best budgeting apps for couples

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There are many budget apps for couples that you and your spouse or significant other can use together to stay on the same financial page. Here are the 7 best budgeting apps for couples in 2023:

1. Mint best budgeting apps for couples

If you’re ever surprised by how much less money is in your checking account or how much more is on your credit card than you thought, the Mint app might be for you. This free app, which you can get from the App Store and Google Play, keeps track of your income, savings goals, and credit score and shows them to you.

It can also link your credit cards and bank accounts. Mint keeps track of your spending and sends you alerts when you’re about to go over budget. Even though Mint isn’t technically a budget app for couples, the fact that it can connect to multiple accounts and credit cards makes it a great tool for couples.


Another cool thing is that it tells you when bills are due and when you might be paying too much for things like cable and internet.

Can I trust Mint app?

Is the Mint app safe? Yes, Intuit, which owns Mint, uses the latest security and technology to keep its customers’ personal and financial information safe. Among the security measures are encryption in both software and hardware and multiple-factor authentication.

2. Honeydue best budgeting apps for couples

“How much did you spend?” or “What did you buy?” These are the kinds of questions that come up between couples who share money, and they can make any relationship tense. The Honeydue app is a neutral third party that will send you and your partner alerts when you or they reach their spending limits in certain categories.

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Hopefully, this will make it so you don’t have to have these arguments. How it works is as follows: You choose which accounts to link to the app and how much you want to spend on different types of items.

Honeydue will then keep track of how much you spend. This free app, which you can get from the App Store or Google Play, also lets you see your savings goals and bill due dates at a glance.

3. Goodbudget best budgeting apps for couples

Are you familiar with the envelope system? People who use this budgeting system put different amounts of money into different budget categories, such as groceries and fun things. Using the envelope system, you would then put the cash in the different types of envelopes and use those envelopes when you go shopping for things like groceries or clothes.

It keeps you from spending more than you have because you can only spend what’s in the envelope. This is different from a credit or debit card. Goodbudget is a digital alternative that you can get from the Apple Store or Google Play.

It lets you keep track of your spending with up to 20 digital envelopes. If you want more envelopes and features, you have to pay $8 a month for the paid version of the app. Don’t forget that this app doesn’t connect to your accounts, so you’ll have to type in the amounts yourself.

4. Personal Capital best budgeting apps for couples

Personal Capital might be for you if you want to take your budgeting app to the next level. This free app, which you can get from the Apple Store and Google Play, has a lot of tools you can use to do things like manage your budget and check the balance of your portfolio.

This app’s dashboard view is great because it gives you a quick look at your net worth, savings for retirement, emergency fund, and more. When it comes to budgeting, you can link your accounts to keep track of your spending, and it will send you alerts when bills are due or if you’re paying too much. This app helps you plan for retirement, manage your investments, and keep track of your net worth.

5. Tiller best budgeting apps for couples

Some people have always liked spreadsheets. If you like Excel and Google Sheets, you might like the Tiller app. But just to be clear, Tiller is not an app.

Tiller, on the other hand, lets you connect your credit cards, bank accounts, and investments to a spreadsheet, just like these other budgeting tools. After that, it gives you templates that you can use to make a budget and keep track of your spending.

Remember that this app is free for the first 30 days, but after that, it costs $79 a year or $6.58 a month to use.

6. Monarch best budgeting apps for couples

Couples who use the Monarch app are very happy with how it looks. This app, which you can get from the Apple Store and Google Play, keeps track of all your accounts and investments in one place and helps couples make plans to reach their savings goals.

When it comes to making a budget, the Monarch lets you set your own budget, but it will let you know when you’re going over. You can also plan for bigger expenses and try out different budget scenarios to see how they work out in the long run with their budget tool. Monarch is free for the first 30 days, but after that, it will cost $9.99 per month.

Is Monarch for budgeting legit?

Monarch Money is safe, and the software helps you keep track of your money by using data that can only be read. This means that it can’t actually take money out of your account or make any other changes to your finances. It works with financial data integrators like Plaid so that your data can be read safely.

7. You Need a Budget (YNAB)

The name says it all. You Need a Budget, or YNAB, is an app that gives its users a simple but useful way to make a budget. This app is based on the zero-based budgeting system and was made with four ideas in mind: assign every dollar in your budget, break up big bills into monthly goals to pay for them, don’t feel bad about overspending, and spend money that is at least 30 days old to spend with a purpose.

This popular app is free for the first 34 times you use it. You can get it from Apple Store and Google Play. On its website, YNAB says that it helps new budgeters save $600 in the first two months and over $6,000 in the first year.

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